Innovations in Packaging Help Feed Hungry Children in Mexico

For many people who live in remote areas of developing countries, it is gravely difficult to access clean water and nutritious food. Lack of infrastructure impedes transporting basic and essential foods quickly, and the near complete lack of reliable refrigeration makes it extremely difficult to store food safely.

DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers responded to this urgent need with a new packaging technology, the Dual Compartment Pouch MixPack. The MixPack works by packaging purified water and nutritious milk formula in the same pouch while keeping the ingredients separate until use. A critical element of the new technology is a burstable internal seal made of DuPont Surlyn® resin between the pouch’s compartments. A person can break the seal using simple pressure, then shake and mix the ingredients while the pouch is still unopened. This innovation was the result of a concerted effort led by DuPont employees and required collaboration with end users, equipment vendors and other partners to ensure that the product would reach those who urgently need it.


Meet the team behind this innovation. Left to Right: Grant Chadlee, Jim Kane, Ernesto Silva, Juan Carlos Ruiz

The pouch can bring lifesaving benefits to communities, especially in developing regions, by providing safe nutrition to children and adults in marginalized and remote areas in a cost effective way. The lightweight design of the pouch reduces costs of transportation and energy, giving it a smaller environmental footprint compared to other types of packages like glass, plastic bottles, cans, or aseptic cartons. In addition, these small villages are applying a “no-waste” mentality to make use of every part of the package. After the original contents of the package are consumed, users are making and selling change purses and other articles out of the plastic colored wrap.

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