Helping Solving the World’s Challenges through Community Outreach Programs

Working side by side with community partners, we can create local solutions for global challenges. Together, we can make a difference, community by community, to build a brighter future.

Our history of active participation in the communities of DuPont sites worldwide has made a lasting positive impact. We strive as a company to keep that proud legacy alive and enduring.

Our philanthropic efforts are therefore aligned with our corporate purpose to use science and engineering to address global challenges of feeding the world, protecting people and the planet, and creating a more energy-secure future. This translates into philanthropic focus areas with programs addressing hunger and nutrition, energy and the environment, public safety and improving quality of life by working with specific partners such as United Way.

We know that focused, measurable, collaborative community outreach programs can spark meaningful progress toward a safer, more vibrant and more sustainable shared future.