DuPont Sponsorships and Programming Drive Awareness

Visible sponsorships and programming raise awareness of the innovative work DuPont and our partners are doing around the world.

DuPont sponsorships proudly support activities with well-known organizations like the BBC and National Geographic. Our sponsorships help raise awareness of our innovative technologies, as well as our commitment to collaborate with others to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges in food, energy, and protection.


BBC World News “Horizons” Series

BBC Horizons episodes feature DuPont mini-documentaries highlighting collaborations to solve global challenges, one region at a time. Learn more.

National Geographic “7 Billion” Series

This informative series features breathtaking photography, in-depth articles, and educational videos that focus on the challenges of population growth.

BBC World News “Horizons” TV Series

DuPont sponsors the “Horizons” TV series on BBC World News. The show raises awareness of global innovations in progress to address the challenges posed by population growth. Series host Adam Shaw journeys around the world to meet the people behind the business ideas that will help transform how we consume energy, tackle food and water scarcity, and beat major pandemics. Each episode features a mini-documentary, highlighting collaborations with businesses, governments, nonprofits, and academia that work with DuPont to solve global challenges, one region at a time.

National Geographic “7 Billion” Series

In 2011, our planet’s population reached 7 billion. National Geographic’s year-long “7 Billion” series considered the challenges posed by this complicated topic and what it means for our world. As seen through the award-winning magazine and online, the “7 Billion” series tells a story through breathtaking photography, in-depth articles, and educational videos.