Military Helmets

Military Helmets Get the Kevlar® Treatment

For warfighters, dodging bullets, shrapnel, and explosions is a regular part of their day. Military helmets made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber have helped save thousands of military lives from a range of threats.

Military helmets made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber address the demanding requirements of a demanding job. They help offer protection against a wide range of threats, including submachine-gun bullets and fragments. State-of-the-art military helmets made with Kevlar® fiber, like the U.S. Army Advanced Combat Helmet, absorb 20% more kinetic energy than the Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops (PASGT) military helmets they are replacing.

Rigorous impact testing shows military helmets made with Kevlar® fiber have superior structural integrity to help enhance survivability in ballistic and non-ballistic impact. And because military helmets made with Kevlar® XP for Hard Armor technology are lightweight, they can help improve mobility and reduce fatigue to give warfighters the much-needed energy to complete their mission.

DuPont™ Kevlar® XP™ for Hard Armor technology

With Kevlar® XP™ for Hard Armor, military personnel can have a lighter-weight helmet in a 100% Kevlar® solution. This technology, made from a high-toughness resin combined with Kevlar® KM2® Plus fiber, helps manufacturers provide a 20% decrease in helmet weight while maintaining the same performance. Alternatively, Kevlar® XP™ for Hard Armor helps manufacturers provide a 20% increase in performance using the same level of material. And Kevlar® XP™ for Hard Armor can be processed on existing helmet manufacturing machinery to allow for an easy transition.

Kevlar® XP™ for Hard Armor helps provide:

  • Minimal back face deformation
  • Fewer layers and can reduce stitching requirements
  • Patented woven fabric

The Advanced Combat Vehicle Crew Helmet

Manufactured with Kevlar® KM2®, the Advanced CVC Helmet helps manufacturers offer superior fragmentation resistance at low weight while allowing interoperability with vehicle intercom and radio equipment.

The Advanced Combat Military Helmet made with Kevlar® fiber

The ACH — Advanced Combat Helmet — made with Kevlar® fiber and initially fielded in late 2003, is designed by manufacturers to help protect against shrapnel, fragmentation and 9mm bullets shot at submachine-gun velocities at a lighter weight than the PASGT military helmet made with Kevlar®.