Art Made with Tyvek®

Creativity Knows No Bounds when Artists Use Tyvek® for Art

Whether they are creating thought-provoking abstract art, exquisite jewelry, fashionable clothing—or restoring old masterpieces, talented people around the globe are discovering how using DuPont™ Tyvek® for art is helping them to make the world a more beautiful place now and for generations to come.

Best known for its outstanding protective properties and use in practical applications such as housewrap, protective apparel and medical packaging, Tyvek® gives talented people the freedom to focus on creating, restoring and protecting works of art by combining the best properties of paper and fabric in one unique material.


Creating Beautiful Works of Art Made with Tyvek®

Printmakers, abstract artists, sculptors, clothing designers, jewelry designers and other creative people are inspired and empowered by using Tyvek® for art.  They cite the combination of properties that Tyvek® offers—such as its unique texture, superior durability compared to paper and fabric-like flexibility—for helping them bring their creative visions to life. 


Restoring National Treasures with Tyvek®

Tyvek® is a favorite among art conservators because its unmatched archival properties gives them confidence that the important works of art they are restoring will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.  These properties include: neutral pH; excellent resistance to rot and mildew; inherent stability; and ability to endure for years without yellowing, weakening or deteriorating.  Tyvek® has played a significant role in restoring and preserving works of art from the past, including many of the treasures in the extensive collection housed at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian.  

Protecting Valuable Pieces of Art with Tyvek®

Museums, galleries and art packagers are entrusting Tyvek® to protect their valuable pieces of art during transportation and storage.  They have peace of mind knowing that its excellent resistance to punctures and tears helps Tyvek® protect the packaged artwork from external damage while its breathability helps ensure that condensation can escape.  And, because Tyvek® can be easily sewn, glued or taped, it can be tailor-made into the forms needed.