DuPont Mobilizes COVID-19 Response Efforts
Across the business and around the world, our people are answering the call to deliver solutions helping those most desperately in need.


At a time of unprecedented human need, DuPont scientists, engineers, and countless employees are working side by side to deliver solutions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The focus has been two-fold, with workers ramping up production to meet demand for essential products and technologies, but also leveraging our science and capabilities in new ways to bring critical supplies where they’re most severely needed. From personal protective equipment to essential ingredients helping other companies keep their supply chains moving, here are just some examples of what we’re doing to help, right now:

Personal Protective Equipment

DuPont Safety is in the business of protecting people during disastrous events or health crises. Today, we're working tirelessly to help those directly impacted by the coronavirus, including first responders on the front lines. 

Thousands of employees are working around the clock in all parts of the world to increase capacity of protective garments.  We've increased capacity in our manufacturing plants to produce over 9 million garments per month, going directly to COVID-19 response needs. Partnering with world governments and other partner organizations, we're continuously finding new ways to deliver this essential PPE where it's most severly needed.

DuPont Safety and PPE COVID-19 FAQ

Hand Sanitizer Production

A request from local authorities mobilized a team in Germany to quickly begin producing something that it previously had not—hand sanitizer. 

When our Nutrition & Biosciences site in Bomlitz, Germany received an inquiry from the local county to provide hand sanitizer for hospitals and other institutions, they didn't hesitate. Within 10 days, using recipes provided by the World Health Organization (WHO),  the site utilized its pilot plan to develop a process for large-scale production to support area hospitals and communities there. 

 So far, 10 tons of hand sanitizer have been produced - that's enough to supply 2,000 people with 5 liters each! Yet the mission is far from over, as teams work to supply other European countries and prepare three DuPont sites in Indiana, Iowa and Massachusetts for similar conversions to sanitizer production.


N95 Face Mask Collaboration

Excessive demand continues for highly coveted N95 masks, with manufacturers in need of critical materials to create the protective wear. DuPont and Cummins Inc. partnered to use filter technology to supply the critical need for masks. 

Typically, DuPont’s Hybrid Membrane Technology (HMT) is integrated with Cummins’ synthetic fibers to protect sensitive engine components,  but it can also be used in the N95 respirator masks worn by healthcare professionals to filter harmful airborne particles that can spread COVID-19 . Under an initiative by the University of Minnesota, Cummins donated the material to be assembled by the university. The first masks featuring the filter technology are being used as part of a project to supply masks to Minnesota’s M Health Fairview network. 


Materials for Ventilators and other Critical Healthcare Equipment

DuPont  sites in the US are playing a vital role to support increased government demand for ventilators, respiratory masks, and other essential healthcare needs.

Pressed into action by the US Defense Production Act, many ventilator OEMs are answering the call for increased production. Each ventilator requires a supply of 700 parts to assemble, including critical printed circuit boards. Our Interconnect Solutions business is ramping up production of its Pyralux®, Riston®, and Metallization materials to required for printed circuit board production to meet this demand.

The Healthcare Industries Materials Site (HIMS)in Hemlock, MI falls under exemptions established by the United States Department of Homeland Security for essential businesses and industries - and will continue to supply our customers with silicones and resins to manufacture numerous life-sustaining products including respiratory masks, face shields, hand sanitizers and silicone tubing to process medicines and vaccines.


“We will prioritize and deliver these types of orders ASAP.  Our committed employees, technologies and 50 years of experience, positions us to deliver reliable parts that will work without fail in these ventilators.”

Todd Brassard, VP and Chief Operating Officer, DuPont Calumet Electronics


3D Printed Face Shields 

In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, a team in the US used 3D printing technlology to produce face shields for health care workers.

Technology teams at the DuPont Experimental Station in Wilmington, DE & Troy, MI used 3D printing to print face shields for health care workers. Utilizing DuPont™ Zytel® filament, the first batch of 80 face shields have been approved by a local Wilmington hospital and delivered in partnership with the Nemours Foundation, with more on the way.



From funding non-profits meeting immediate needs in local communities around the world, to volunteering when conditions are safe, both corporate and employee outreach efforts are further helping support the fight to protect and save lives in all the ways we can.

Consistent with our core values and keeping the health and safety of our employees as our highest priority, we’ll continue to harness the passion of our employees, our networks of partners and customers – and above all, our science – to find the solutions that will help solve the most urgent needs the world needs now.