Disaster Resiliency


Preparing for what’s possible

Architects and contractors share a hefty responsibility – to deliver buildings that help protect the people who live and work inside. But the challenges to building safety are persistent, from the threat of extreme weather to the potential for household accidents. 


Dupont makes construction materials designed with safety in mind, so you can create structures that will resist the hazards posed by wind, water and fire. 

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Fire protection is a package deal. Because a wall assembly is a composite of building products, Dupont air and water barriers are tested as part of complete wall systems to prove they make the grade for fire resistance, as set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)..


It doesn’t take a hurricane for wind to pack a costly punch. Not only will gusts of 50-60 miles per hour inflict damage on a building, but even a modest breeze that seeps inside cracks and openings can drain up to 40 percent of the insulation’s original R-value.


Closed-cell foam, such as Styrofoam XPS, is rated as highly flood resistant. According to the National Flood Insurance Program, that means it’s capable of withstanding contact with flood water for up to 72 hours and come away with damage that only requires cosmetic repairs.


Building on the safe side

Achieving high performance under pressure

  • Keeping water at bay
  • Fighting fires from wall to wall
  • Holding up against the wind
Thermax™ Wall System streamlines hotel project

Envelope system clicks for contractor, reducing labor costs and simplifying design on LEED building in Virginia.

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