Solar / Photovoltaic Materials

Innovative Photovoltaic (PV) Materials Deliver Demonstrable Results

DuPont offers the broadest materials portfolio in Photovoltaics (PV) and provides six of the eight most critical materials for manufacturing solar modules.

These photovoltaic materials are not only innovative, they have delivered demonstrable results, including: nearly doubling cell efficiency over 12 years; providing greater reliability and extending system lifetime—with 30+ years of proven backsheet performance; and reducing overall system cost with technology advancements in efficiency, module protection and installation.

Looking ahead, we aim to increase efficiency well beyond 20% and extend system lifetime toward 40 years, while increasing system safety and reducing cost. This will help enable the achievement of grid parity broadly and create a more sustainable and viable global solar energy industry.

Technology innovation is the past, present and future of solar energy—with DuPont playing a vital role in advancing the science of solar and the PV industry.