Nomex® 800 Series


Nomex® 800 Series Extends Life of Rotating Machines

Designed for rotating machines operating in medium and high voltage applications and those applications with special fire requirements, the DuPont™ Nomex® 800 Series helps increase reliability and extend the service life of motors and generators.

The superior thermal properties and mechanical strength of Nomex® 800 Series papers help prevent premature failure of rotating machines—including medium - to high-voltage designs—operating under more demanding conditions, such as partial discharge, extreme high temperatures and electrical stress. 

Nomex® 800 Series papers are based on a technology that helps enable increased voltage endurance and a higher level of fire resistance for improved safety and longer service life.

The Nomex® 800 Series is ideal for a variety of rotating machine applications, including:  inverter duty motors; large industrial motors used in mills and mining; wind generators; hydro-alternators; and turbo-generators, to name a few.

Nomex® 818 ( previously 418)

Nomex® 818 (50% mica) is designed for high-voltage applications, including:  motor conductor and coil wrap, and transformer ground and layer insulation.  It has high inherent dielectric strength (30 kV/mm [760 V/mil] to 40 kV/mm [1,015 V/mil]), but can also be readily impregnated with varnishes when desired.  Nomex® 818 offers increased voltage endurance compared to Nomex® 410.

Nomex® 818 is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.08 mm (3 mil) to 0.25 mm (10 mil).

Nomex® 843S   

Nomex® 843S is designed for high voltage applications for slot outer corona protection, also known as conductive tape, on stator coils and bars in high voltage motor and generators , as well as for application in high voltage cable insulation.  It contains carbon fibers that allow the material to be electrically conductive.  Nomex® 843S has high thermal resistance, good abrasion resistance and good mechanical strength.  It is designed for up to thermal class 220°C and is optimized for impregnation with varnishes when desired.

Nomex® 843 is available only in a 0.05-mm (2-mil) thickness.

Nomex® 864 LAM

Nomex® 864 LAM is designed to address the increasing need for partial discharge resistance of inverter-driven motor insulation and to support the growing trend toward thinner insulation materials.  This lamination-grade paper is ideal for thin corona-resistant slot liners.  Laminates based on Nomex® 864 LAM can offer higher endurance to voltage stress occurring in inverter-driven motors or transformers associated with converters.  Common laminate constructions based on Nomex® 864 LAM are Type NMN and Type NKN.

Nomex® 864 LAM is available in thicknesses: 0.05-mm (2-mil) and 0.08-mm (3-mil).

Typical Rotating Machine Applications for Nomex® 800 Series

AC Motor/Generator

• Medium- High voltage motor/generator
• LV motors fed from inverters
• Tractiom motors
• Wind generators



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