Nomex® Family of Products—Improved Portfolio to Ease Selection

Article | August 13, 2014
Nomex® Family of Products

The DuPont™ Nomex® family of products is engineered to address the diverse demands of the electrical industry. Nomex® is a brand that has earned a reputation for helping to provide consistently higher levels of reliable electrical insulation. 

That’s why the Nomex® family of products—which includes papers and pressboards—has been trusted in multiple applications with worldwide acceptance for more than 50 years.

Revamped Portfolio Launched in 2014

In support of our continuing focus on technical innovation and to highlight our tailored product offering for specific end-use applications, we launched a revamped portfolio in 2014.  This transition is designed to provide you with a more organized portfolio to make it easier than ever to help you select products by application.

Nomex® Family of Products Now Organized in Five Series

One of the main things we did when creating this improved portfolio was to group product types into one of five new series:

Nomex® 900 Series —an ideal insulation solution for liquid-immersed transformers.
Nomex® 800 Series—designed for rotating machines operating under severe conditions and those applications with special fire requirements.
Nomex® 400 Series—a product benchmark for performance, reliability and longevity.
Nomex® 300 Series—cost-effective solution for less-demanding electrical applications.
Nomex® 200 Series—for battery pack insulation and electronic applications.

As you can see in the quick-reference table below, some product types have been renamed as part of the transition to the revamped portfolio now being used for the Nomex® family of products.