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Create sustainable innovations to help society thrive and address its most pressing challenges

From better, safer probiotics that support the body’s immune system, to innovations for electric and autonomous vehicles, and new technologies that enable life-giving medical care and access to clean water, our businesses work with customers and industry leaders to help build a safer, healthier and more sustainable world for all.


Our goals:

Innovations for global challenges
Delivering innovations for global challenges:
Align 100% of our innovation portfolio to meaningfully advance the UN SDGs and create value for our customers.


Circular economy
Enabling a circular economy:

Integrate circular economy principles into our business models considering lifecycle impacts in the markets we serve.
Innovate safer
Innovating safer by design:

Design 100% of our products and processes using sustainability criteria including the principles of green chemistry



“We invest in areas where we have an outsized ability to positively impact global challenges with our science and innovation.”

Alexa Dembek, Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer

UN Sustainable Development Goals

DuPont has identified seven SDGs where our innovations have the ability to impact change at scale.


How our solutions are contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals:


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