Tyvek® for envelopes


When you’re sending something important, send it with Tyvek®


DuPont™ Tyvek® envelopes are made from a strong and durable material that’s virtually indestructible, providing the assurance that your important contents will be delivered safely. 

Whether from home or from work, the exceptional durability and unique image of Tyvek®, along with the wide variety of styles and sizes available, can help increase the effectiveness of your important mailings.


Uses and applications

Tyvek® envelopes help industries save on postage and mailing costs


Because of their lightweight strength and durability, Tyvek® envelopes help save on postage and mailing costs, plus they enhance a company’s image with their distinct appearance. Discover which industries rely on Tyvek® to deliver their message.

Businesses use Tyvek® to make an impression

Business departments

Whether it’s the accounting department that needs to protect what they mail or the marketing department that needs to make an impression, they all can benefit from a Tyvek® envelope.


Commercial envelopes

Tyvek® commercial envelopes are available in commercial sizes for business use, including window or plain format.


Disc packaging sleeves

Disc packaging sleeves made from Tyvek® brand protective material is the high-tech, high-performance alternative to jewel boxes and other materials.


Customized envelopes

Customized envelopes made of Tyvek® can make your materials stand out in a crowd while keeping them protected.


Expansion envelopes

The strength of Tyvek® expansion envelopes provides a great alternative to boxes and other bulky packaging materials to help reduce your mailing costs.


Flat envelopes

Strong, durable and lightweight flat envelopes made of Tyvek® help keep important documents safe and secure. 


Jumbo envelopes

These tough, durable and strong jumbo envelopes made with Tyvek® eliminate the bulk and inconvenience of conventional packaging.


Specialty envelopes

Tyvek® is lightweight; durable; resistant to spills, tears and punctures; and has excellent printability, making it ideal for specialty envelopes. 


Tyvek® envelopes frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Find answers to the most asked questions about Tyvek® envelopes.